Monserrat. 16. Mexico. High school zombie. Lesbian. Marvel lover and Lord of the Rings enthusiast. I love MCR, ATL, PTV & BMTH. I don't know where I'm going from here but I promise it won't be boring -David Bowie.


I really love villains

not in a ‘poor baby is so misunderstood’ way

in a ‘your amorality is so fascinating and delicious’ way

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schools have stairs so you can throw yourselves down them

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Some day Robert Downey Jr. is gonna win an Oscar and he’s gonna be like “I don’t like to be handed things”


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sometimes i forget i’m not actually friends with some of you and i start to reply to your text posts and i have to stop myself

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i hate when you’re not in the same mood as your friend like when you want to slay your enemies and feast on their flesh and your friend wants to dance in a field of daisies and sing for the sake of singing like no stop that grab a pitchfork

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